Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The experience of a great baker...

I had heard about Salba from a few people who worked alongside me at an organic market where I sold baked goods. I was very intrigued by the description of the product and all the amazing nutritional qualities it contains. I was especially interested in the high Omega-3 content and the fact that Salba is high in soluble fibre and becomes gel-like when it absorbs liquids. As an organic baker who sells vegan products, I had been using flax seeds a lot in my baking as an egg substitute, and thought it would be a good idea to give Salba a try.

When I did start experimenting with the product, I was not disappointed! My first venture was a recipe for Pear and Ginger Mini Loaves or Muffins. These came out great, and I’ve received incredible positive feedback for them. What I liked most about the Salba was how much liquid it absorbed while still providing an egg-like texture to the batter. I was able to get the same results I used to get with flax, only with much less Salba. The loaves also seem to stay moist longer in the refrigerator—flax-based ones dry out after 2 or 3 days, but the Salba-based ones were moist for almost a week.

After that first success, I went on to try out a rolled cookie dough. This, too, worked beautifully well, and tasted great. The Salba is lighter in colour and milder in flavor than flax, so it didn’t interfere with the cookie’s subtle flavour.

So far, I have loved using Salba in my baking. I know that it can also be eaten plain, or soaked, or added to a smoothie, so I’ll be trying out those uses, too. And I feel great knowing that I’m adding essential nutrition to all of my baked treats while not contributing to spikes in blood sugar levels. This is a wonderful product, and I look forward to more baking and cooking experiments!

Ricki Heller, PhD, RHN

Owner, Bake It Healthy

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Did you know that imbalance of our omega-6: omega-3 intake is the cause of many health problems?

As the amount of highly processed, ready to eat, cheap foods in our modern diet expands the intake of omega-6 fatty acids increases dramatically. A ratio of 20-30:1 is no longer exceptional and not acceptional at all. With high levels of omega-6 our body is not able to convert omega-3 into the EPA (eicosapentanoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) effectively. We need omega-3s to control immune function, blood clotting, and cell growth. In fact, the hormones derived from omega-3 and omega-6 have opposite effects; dominant omega-6 in the body can create a situation that promotes inflammation, propagation of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and autoimmune diseases.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

From the Salba consumer..

I have been using Salba for about 4 weeks now, and have noticed increased energy, and well as a feeling of well being. Three balanced meals a day, with Salba added to each, has also stopped my snacking between meals - and has assisted with my weight loss program. Because there is no taste to Salba, I am able to add it to any meal - and now my children are enjoying the benefits of Salba!

Paula Lynch~
Waterloo, Ontario

A few years ago, I had a nasty kidney stone, very painful, it was half way between my kidney and bladder, so they had to go and retrieve it. Since that time, I have had cat scans to see if there have been any other formations (in the form of crystals) and I drink 4 glasses of Crystal Light lemonade (citric acid) a day. I have been taking 1 tablespoon of Salba in am and pm each in a 12 oz glass of lemonade. Last week, cat scan showed NO crystals in kidney and my blood sugars at 2pm and prior to bedtime and in the morning are very good. The other thing I noticed is that my ankles are not swelling anymore and the fibre keeps everything moving through. There is no taste to the Salba, but does not seem to clump up when used with the crystal light lemonade versus just water.

Mary Carlson

After two weeks of taking the Salba my husband asked me what happened to my stomach. Before the Salba, no matter what I ate or took I had indigestion, constipation, cold hands and feet, low energy, as well as fluctuation in my blood pressure. I have personally found that the best results for me included taking 1 tbsp of gel-forming Salba seed in the morning followed by a cup of hot lemon water, and 1 tbsp of gel-forming Salba seed before bedtime. In addition I add ground Salba to soups, salads and baking. Have never felt better, thanks Salba.

Sharon ~ Woodstock, Ontario

Before taking Salba my blood sugar fluctuated up and down usually on the high side. I found that after taking the Salba my blood sugar is more stable, especially during the night. I also feel that my circulation is better and energy level is way up. My routine includes taking 2 tbsp of gel-formed Salba seed in the morning and tbsp before bed. Also throughout the day I sprinkle Salba on yogurt, cereal and salad. By incorporating Salba into my daily routine as well as a healthy diet including exercise I have lost a considerable amount of weight. The product contains the vitamins and protein that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend this product to anybody and especially all diabetics.

Curtis ~ Cambridge, Ontario

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

An Ancient Grain…… how exciting could this possibly be?

Two weeks ago I was given the opportunity to come on-board and work for Source Salba. I didn’t really know what to expect, dealing with a grain that doesn’t really taste like much, in an industry I had never been involved in before… but to my surprise it has been an exciting and eye-opening couple of weeks. I have immersed myself in the products I represent, but nothing prepared me for the level of dedication and passion my fellow co-workers at Source Salba exhibit for our product. When you truly believe in a product and your goal is to improve people’s lives with it; you don’t need to sell it – your enthusiasm is inspiration enough for people to give it a try. I have been pleasantly surprised by how progressive a company Source Salba is, while maintaining a grass-roots approach coupled with a “customers first” philosophy. Certainly a place I can see myself growing as a professional.
Salba’s head office is not some faceless, cubicle-ridden labyrinth; instead a small, intimate environment that allows for the free exchange of ideas with the support structure and knowledge to ensure that all our customers get the best and most accurate product information and advice we can offer. It’s a refreshing change to work for a company that cares more about the people that use their product than how much they can convince them to buy. My initial trepidations about the limitations of working with a niche product were quickly absolved as I learned about Salba’s wonderful attributes and its plethora of applications. Upon my co-workers insistence, I too started the two-tablespoons-a-day lifestyle with Salba whole grain and the results have been astonishing! After my first two weeks here, it has become quite apparent why Source Salba has been so successful. Having an honest product and being customer-driven and health-focused with a genuine interest in making people’s lives better has not been refreshing and reassuring only for me, but for everyone who comes in contact with Source Salba.


Friday, November 16, 2007

CTV News and The Globe and Mail present Salba!

Most of you have probably seen Salba being featured on CTV News last Thursday, or you have read the Globe and Mail today. We have been overwhelmed by phone calls and emails from enthusiastic people, healthy people or people with some health issues, who have been convinced by Salba’s story!

Now that we finally have great scientific data to show you, I would like to tell you more about Salba’s research! As nutritionist at Source Salba Inc., working closely together with Dr. Vuksan from the University of Toronto, at the Clinical Nutrition and Risk Factor Modification Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital, there is lots to talk about…

Salba’s long-term clinical study in diabetes patients was performed a few years ago and will be published this month in Diabetes Care, the worlds most well known scientific nutritional magazine for Diabetes Research. This study included 20 diabetes patients that consumed on average 37 grams of Salba per day (3-4 tbsp). They received this Salba either in capsule form or baked in a regular white bread (see our Recipe section for the Salba Mega Bread). After twelve weeks several blood markers were analyzed and showed these unexplainable effects:

 6 mmHg reduction in systolic blood pressure
 20% reduction in the Von Willebrand blood clotting factor
 40% reduction in body inflammation (C-reactive protein)

Now, these findings are even more meaningful when you know that these diabetes patients were well- controlled, taking their prescribed medication for increased sugar levels, elevated blood pressure, and/or elevated blood lipids! Overall, these results mean an incredible reduction in the risk for cardiovascular disease, especially in people with diabetes who have a much higher risk for heart attacks or strokes. Compared to people without diabetes, the risk of heart attack is 1.5 to 4.5 times greater for women and 1.5 to 2 times greater for men. Also, the risk of stroke is 2 to 6.5 times greater among women with type 2 diabetes and 1.5 to 2 times greater for men. So, you can understand that it is of utmost importance to find new functional foods for diabetes treatment. Did we find the magic medicine?

How do we know it is Salba that caused these health benefits?
For good clinical research you need a good study design: the same group of diabetes patients followed a 12 week period in which they were not allowed to consume any Salba, instead they received wheat bran capsules. This way the effects of Salba for its high fibre content were levelled out, and thus, Salba’s other nutrients must have caused these effects…or maybe Salba’s fibre has different effects?

I did a viscosity measurement under the lead of Dr. Vuksan. I measured the thickness of Salba mixed in 200 ml water during 2 hours, and compared this viscosity with the same amount of flaxseed in 200 ml water. Findings were unbelievable:

Salba has a 3 TIMES HIGHER viscosity than flaxseed!!!

We were flabbergasted! How is it possible that Salba has a three times higher viscosity, when flaxseed contains 2-3 times more soluble fibre?? We have to continue our research. We do know that Salba has an enormous gel forming capacity. It slows down digestion and thereby makes blood sugar levels increase more gradually and less far. Salba prevents the highs and lows in blood sugar levels that make us feel hungry, and grumpy. Salba satiates these hunger feelings, and may therefore help to control body weight.

What research is next? Due to its multiple functionality Salba has given us many research questions for investigation. At this moment, we are working on answering that one big question that I keep on being asked:

What is more effective, Ground or Whole Salba?

Please, keep reading our blog and website to find out what is true. Whether it is Salba’s fibre, omega-3s, the antioxidants, other vitamins and minerals, or Salba’s overall composition, we do know that SALBA WORKS. So, please, check out your local health food store, and buy that green or orange bag with those tiny white seeds, so small that you won’t even notice eating it, but you will FEEL IT FOR SURE!

ENJOY Salba and let us know YOUR SALBA STORY!


Friday, October 12, 2007

Salba for women in menopause..

Salba provides lots of nutrients for women in menopause. As we grow older the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, overweight etc. increases. Salba’s nutrients can help you to reduce this risk:

Omega-3: reduces high blood pressure, body inflammation, blood clotting. Omega-3s also improve mental health; you will feel more energetic than before!

Fiber: Fiber is effective in increasing satiety, and may therefore help you to maintain your body weight. Salba seeds increase 14 times their size when you add fluid to them. This makes you feel full for a longer time. On average, women may experience a gain of approximately 10-15 pounds in the years surrounding menopause. There are several theories as to why this might happen. One theory says that the increase in weight and fat deposition allows for an increase in estrogen production, as fat cells can convert other hormones into estrogen. With the ovaries declining in their production of estrogen, the fat cells can take up the decrease in estrogen production to some degree. Others link the weight gain to a decrease in thyroid function, and subsequently metabolism. With lowered metabolism, fewer calories are required to maintain your current weight. A change in body composition can also affect metabolism. Because muscle tissue burns more fuel than our fat tissue, loss of muscle mass can result in a reduced requirement for calories. Inactivity as we age can promote a change in body composition. Further, a change in body composition can also affect metabolism. Because muscle tissue burns more fuel than our fat tissue, loss of muscle mass can result in a reduced requirement for calories. Inactivity as we age can promote a change in body composition.
Fiber also helps to improve bowel movement. The fiber increases the fecal bulk and decreases colonic transit time of the feces. Therefore, it relieves constipation, and improves digestion by processing the food smoothly and effectively through the intestines.

Antioxidants: Salba’s antioxidants are vitamin C, vitamin A, selenium, and myrecitin. These antioxidants reduce the oxidative stress in our body (due to breathing, sun, pollution, stress, cigarette smoke). Oxidative stress is associated with the development of many chronic and degenerative diseases, including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, cataracts and neuronal degeneration such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Therefore, it is very important to eat enough antioxidants.

Since Salba research is in its early stage we have never investigated what typical menopausal symptoms Salba can ‘concur’. E.g. its effect on hot flashes and night sweats are unknown.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007



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